Pricing Schedule

 Features  Package 1  Package 2  Package 3
 Pages  1  3  5
 Home Page Yes   Yes  Yes 
 About Us Page    Yes  Yes
 Contact Us Page (Includes 1 Google Map)    Yes  Yes
 Testimonials Page      Yes
 Search Page      Yes
 Purchase Domain Name - You Pick Available Name (1yr) Yes Yes Yes
 Purchase Domain Privacy (optional 1yr) Yes Yes Yes
 WNCWD Hosts Your Website on WNCWD Server (1yr) Yes Yes Yes
 Prices based on website owner providing images and wordage      
 Base Price (Incudes 1yr WNCWD Hosting & Domain Name Registration) $500   $700  $900



 Maximum hours of development time before additional $/hour rates apply

15 20 25
 Additional Page (No Content - you provide images and wordage)   $50 $50
 Additional URL Link On Site or Off Site $10 $10 $10
 Google Maps (up to 3)  $35 $35 $35
 YouTube Videos (up to 3) $35 $35 $35
 Blog   $200 $200
 Events Calendar   $200 $200
 Database Driven Testimonials Page   $200 $200
 Setup Website Membership with Logins $100 $100 $100
 WNCWD Search Engine Optimization Package (SEO) $100 $200 $300
 Additional Years of Shared Hosting on WNCWD Server (1yr) $120 $120  $120 
 WNCWD Extra Design Time ($/hour)  $35 $35 $35 
 WNCWD Extra Building Time ($/hour)  $35 $35 $35 
 WNCWD Extra Maintenance Time ($/hour)  $35 $35 $35 
 WNCWD Extra Programming Time ($/hour)  $50 $50 $50 

For those persons who aren't interested or able to get heavily involved in the design of their website you can visit our Fast Track page of stock websites which require a minimum of your input. 

Please be aware that if you know how to use a word processor you can get involved in the building and maintenance of your website by using the very user friendly editing tools provided through the concrete5 CMS.

Conditions of Sale

These website are high quality, mobile ready, fully responsive websites which will be tailored to your design. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to start work. Most sites can be up and running within one to three weeks, depending on your availability to provide the necessary input and feedback, at which time the remaining 50% balance will be due to keep the website running for the next 365 days. Each additional year of hosting and domain name registration is $120. All sales are subject to the prevailing sales tax rate in Buncombe County, North Carolina.