At WNC Web Designs we design websites to match your specific needs, tastes and budget.   We want you to have that special web site which makes you proud to be associated with it.  And more importantly a website that brings you the business or readership you are seeking.

As you will be able to see by browsing the many examples of existing website Themes, Components and Styles - there truly are Infinite Possibilities in how these building blocks can be put together to give you a unique website which will meet your needs.  Even these pre-existing building blocks can be modified to give you the little extra something that you feel you need to make your website perfect.  Your website may ultimately only use a few of the many examples you see here (being too busy can turn visitors away).  These examples are meant to show you that WNC Web Designs has the expertise, technology and tools at our disposal to give you as much or as little as your website needs to be effective.

Website designs can be as simple as a single page.  Yet a single page can range from Plain-Vanilla to Plain-But-Elegant to Over-The-Top-Wow!  The next step up would be a website with a Home page with several subordinate pages such as an About Us page and a Contact Us page.  And on it goes...

Before going any further, it should now be obvious that you will need to move from a HUGH jumble of Infinite Possibilities down to the one possibility that will be your "perfect" website for your given budget - the best fit of Theme, Components and Style to meet your particular needs.  And that's part of what we can do for you.  

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Building your website will be a team effort.  WNC Web Designs will start by creating a simple framework for your website but the process will be one of Build-Review-Adjust - a process which may involve few or many iterations depending on the thoroughness of your design input and the size and complexity of your website.  In either case your ongoing input and feedback are very important to the success of your website.

The first thing you will need, to really get started, is a domain name and a web hosting company to host your domain name.  There are many sites on the web which will let you know if a name you have in mind is available or not.  We can help you with this process also.

An important next step is for you to find and record the domain names of major competing websites.  And also to find and record the domain names of websites, in ANY area of interest, whose theme, layout or style is similar to what you would like to see in your website.

On a more complex website we will sketch out on paper a flow of how you feel your customers or readers will best be drawn to the item or information that they are searching for.  On a single page or a three page website we will sketch out how the main page will look and how you want your About page and Contact Us page to look.  You may even want to add a blog page if you intend to contribute to an ongoing discussion of topics related your website.

Once we have a general idea of what the website might look like on paper then we will create a sample site with a sitemap matching our "on paper" site.  This will give us the frame on which to build the content of your website.  Next areas will be blocked out for text or images or both.  At this point you may, if you so desire, gain access to your web pages from the comfort of your own home or office and edit them directly by inserting and editing text and images on the page - otherwise we can do it.  Special components can be added as desired including, but not limited to, Google Maps, Picture & Image Carousels, Videos, Popup Windows, Tables of Information, Accordions, Forms, Special Navigation Menus...

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Maintaining your website will, in most cases, be a team effort.  If you are technically able you can manage your host site otherwise you probably should leave the technical details to WNC Web Designs.  On the other hand, the "freshening" of your site with new or updated materials, can easily be handled by yourself, using the latest website technology, which will allow you to update the wordage, images and graphics media content of your website using nothing more than a web browser - Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Maintenance involves keeping a website "Fresh" and up-to-date.  Small one to three page websites are fairly easy to maintain and can often remain more static - as long as they are not allowed to become out-of-date for long periods of time.  Larger website take more time to keep fresh.  "Freshening" involves adding new relevant information and media and changing some pictures and verbiage on a regular basis.  "Freshening" helps to draw visitors back to your website as they come to know and understand that your site is constantly being kept up-to-date with the information and products they are seeking.

Maintenance also means making regular backups of your entire hosted site including any associated databases which are used in its functionality.  Most good hosting companies automatically provide daily, weekly and monthly backups, but these backups are stored at the same remote location as you website and must therefore, for the sake and safety of redundancy, be downloaded to a different local computer to be truly safe backups.  If you have the technical ability and knowledge you can do this yourself.

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